Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top 5 Disappointing movie adaptations

Let's face it people, we all had some very disappointing adaptations. I have dozens of them in my head right now! So, to get these most disappointing movies off my chest, I put together the Top 5 Dissapointing movie adaptations ever made in the history of adaptations.

5. The Other Boleyn Girl (Book reccomendation: CHECK IT OUT)
Faithfulness scale: 2%

Yes I did review the movie back when this blog was an itty bitty baby, and really, the book is a take it or leave it for me, but this was one of the worst adaptations ever. How hard is it to be faithful to the PLOT of the story, and I don't mean the gist of it, I mean the whole entire thing?? However the presence of Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson did help, which does not say anything since Johansson also played in a bad adaptation of Girl With A Pearl Earring as well. *sigh*

4. Twilight (Book recommendation (don't yell at me!): READ)
Faithfulness scale: 50%

Now, the book was really a guilty pleasure for me. It's was kind of fun and campy and, yes back then, I did think it was an original take on Vampires. The movie was just an excuse to make Kristen Stewart express nada emotion and Rob Pattinson (Now Twilight fans please don't yell at me) just slow walk towards the camera like a sexy lady and act hot even though he isn't.

And why I was not so excited about glittering you may ask?

Oh. Because it's just overgrown peach fuzz. Apparently that was another excuse to lower the look factor on Rob. *tsk-tsk*

3. Eragon (Book recomendation: READ)
Faithfulness scale: 2%

Like the Twilight recomendation: Fun and an enjoyable experience overall for a) what it was, b) the fact it was written by the guy who was seventeen when he first published the first book in the series. And they just HAD to make it a bad adaptation. Now, the movie wasn't HORRIBLE, but  when you have John Malkovich and Jeremy Irons, two of the greatest actors ever in this mediocre kiddie action flick... it kind of makes me want to yell at them and say: You DO realize that when you think a movie is bad, you CAN say no to it right?

2. Les Miserables (1998 version) Book Recommendation: READ
Faithfulness scale: 28%

Oh God, should I now yell at two MORE important actors? Not complaining about the non-faithfulness factor here because it is hard to be faithful to a 1300 page book. My problem is with the overacting and bad dialogue and kind of abrupt ending and let's not forget the cheesy music. I love Les Mis, I truly do. Why make the book less interesting and important?
And despite all that, we have Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush, Uma Thurman and Clair Danes! The only thing missing in this movie is Nick Jonas playing Marius. Oh wait, that would totally ruin it. :)

And finally my #1 choice IS:

Lord of the Flies: (1999 version) Book recommendation: SKIP
Faithfulness scale: 30%

Ah! Cussing kids, yucky writing and a movie adaptation so bad, it made a mediocre book look even worse. Seriously, I can just imagine the pitch-meeting: "Oh, why don't we make these kids American and set this in present day it won't take away anything from the actual book!" Hoho! You are SO. WRONG movie people! Bloggers, I did squirm and not because of the killing sequences. No, I squirmed of embarrassment, and I wanted to turn off the DVD right away. You faithful readers who read this blog probably have heard me talk about this movie way too much but the truth is, it gives movie adaptations a bad name. And because of that, anyone who has this on their Netflix Que should be well advised to take it off.

Have I missed anything? If there's anything else that comes to mind, let me know!

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adrian said...

WOooooow ! This blog is really impressive ! I totally agree with you on the "Lord of the flies" movie, but you should actually see the original one from 1963 by Peter Brook, it's a master piece !!

Really impressive blog you have here ! Keep up the good work !