Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Virgin Suicides movie

The Virgin Suicides
Director: Sophia Coppola
Cast: Kathleen Turner (Mrs. Lisbon), James Woods (Mr. Lisbon),  Leslie Hayman (Therese Lisbon), A.J Cook (Mary Lisbon), Chelsea Swain (Bonnie Lisbon), Kirsten Dunst (Lux Lisbon), Hanna Hall (Cecillia Lisbon), Josh Harnett (Trip Fontaine)
Screenplay: Sofia Coppola
Year: 2000
Length1 hr. 37 min
Distributor: Paramount Classics
Verdict: SEE

Rated: R (It's really more like PG-13. Gah! See book review rating.)
Faithfulness: 98% faithful 

UNLIKE The Other Boleyn Girl I was shocked at how faithful this adaptation is in comparison to the book. There were only two scenes that were dropped from the book. Anyway, on to the review. The movie can be boring at times, but other than that I appreciated the way the film was shot, making us care for the Lisbon girls. The girls were absolutely brilliant, Kirsten Dunst is so sensual as Lux and Hanna Hall, who plays Cecillia has a mysterious aura about her which makes her perfect for the role. The rest of the girls don't have big speaking parts but they make great teens who just want to live. I loved the way Kathleen Turner portrayed her character, vulnerable but also caring. 
The movie as I said can be boring since there is not much dialogue but that really brings out the girl's feelings of being bored and trapped so I didn't mind that too much. The pace was much faster when Trip Fontaine (Josh Harnett is so cute!) starts his relationship with Lux then boring again when the house arrest starts. But it's not dreadfully boring as in you really want it to turn the damn TV off and go to sleep. This movie has beautiful shots that is not quite shy and not quite big, it has just the right pace, the right material the right setting, everything is so well presented, you can't help but feel haunted by the end of it.
Like the book the movie dosen't try to explain what's happening, but like the book brings out the gruesome reality of suicide. Sofia Coppola did an amazing job bringing in all the emotions you feel while reading the book and brought in dialogue and monologues her narrator says from out of the novel, so that sense of poetry not only from the writing but the tone comes forward. There's nothing fancy, nothing to impress you, just real life shown on screen in front of your own eyes.
Again, this movie tends to get boring so I guess I could give it a RENT. But fans of the novel will be absolutely thrilled, and the acting is high class. It's beautiful and haunting and even if you know nothing of the book, this movie will still really impress you. Well Sophia, you really are talented after all.

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I really really didn't like this one. Great review though!